SeeXplore is a newly formed based in Greenock, Scotland whom Blueye Robotics have authorised to market & sell their product, the Blueye Pioneer Drone, in the U.K. & Ireland.

The Blueye Pioneer Drone was designed in Trondheim,  Norway by a highly imaginative and skilled team. It is designed for optimal performance in all conditions, from the Arctic oceans to tropical waters, and all the way down to 150 m below the surface. 

The drone moves with total stability due to its vertical design. Combined with the auto heading and auto depth features, the Blueye Pioneer is exceptionally easy to operate through the Blueye App. There is no need for extensive training. 

It is neutrally buoyant in seawater but buoyancy is very easily adjustable for fresh water lochs or river dives.

With the accompanied MovieMask Premium Blueye edition, the diving experience gets even more immersive.

A smart phone or tablet wirelessly connected to the drone gives full control over the drone direct from the screen or from a hand held controller connected to the smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth.

The camera captures video footage in full HD quality even in the deep dark sea – thanks to the powerful LED lights. Through the Blueye App, users can choose settings for both camera and light. With 2 hours of battery time, the Blueye Pioneer can be applied to many different use cases.

SeeXplore can provide sales direct from Blueye with associated support as required.

SeeXplore can offer demonstrations for companies or persons who may wish to see exactly how the Blueye Pioneer performs before committing to any purchase.

SeeXplore can offer inspection services for companies or persons who may wish to see or inspect their underwater assets without committing to a purchase and who may then or in the future decide a purchase

Archie Nicholson:       [email protected]                                                                                                

Contact:                     07767 481824