The Great Rotary Duck Race

The Great Rotary Duck Race

You can take part in the Great Rotary Duck Race at Scotland’s Boat Show (actually you can’t take part unless you’re a plastic duck and if you are one, what are you doing reading this – shouldn’t you be in someone’s bath) when we release 200 numbered plastic ducks back in to the wild at the Kip River (that’s the river that runs in to Kip Marina) and see which of these speedsters crosses the finishing line first!

There are two Heats on Saturday and again on Sunday with the Grand Final on Sunday afternoon when the winner will be crowned and served up with pancakes and plum sauce (That’s a joke and no ducks will be harmed in the race preparation).

If you’ve always fancied a duck (insert your own joke here) you can sponsor one of these Yellow Fellows for the race at the Gourock Rotary Stand in the RYA Scotland pavilion and be in with a chance of winning a great prize and supporting the charitable work of Rotary in Gourock.

To keep the SSPPD (Scottish Society for the Protection of Plastic Ducks) happy we will have Coastguards on hand in case any get into difficulties due to adverse weather or jealous swans.

So, head to the Gourock Rotary stand in the RYA Pavilion and sponsor a duck – you’d be quackers not to!