Award winning fuel filter with its amazing washable reusable element will keep fuel free from water and contamination.
The system will remove 95% of solid contamination and 99.9% of water from your fuel. The decontaminator and water separator uses a unique filter design, which unlike conventional paper-based types uses a stainless steel micro-filter element that is impregnated using a special chemical process.
The filter element repels all water and contamination to allow only clean fuel to pass through. Should the element become blocked it can easily be removed and washed with clean fuel before being reinstalled—a job that requires no tools—so it can be used over and over again.
Another feature of the product is its fully transparent collection bowl where water, sludge, crud and sediment are easily identified and drained away, unlike traditional metal-cased paper filters.
This environmental award winning product conforms to the Boat Safety Standard ISO 10088 and can be used with both petrol and diesel fuel.